Marathon to Mara-Tech: Technologies used Worldwide for Organising Marathons

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To organise a successful Marathon, you need the best Technology available. How to choose the best technology is simple; “Best technology always brings people together”. Marathon anyways serves the purpose of bringing people together. So the ultimate technology would be the one which arranges, monitors & tracks the database of all the attendees/ participants. Another way the technology can disrupt its ultimate use is by capturing the moments of runners from every angle possible. In this blog, we shall be sharing with you the latest trends in marathons worldwide from the technology perspective. That’s why it is “Marathon to Mara-Tech” – The Marathon of technology to make the runners have the best experience on the field.

Chrono Tag Systems: D – Tag

The D-Tag™ is an all-weather option that is better suited for the logistics and pace of today’s style of events. ChronoTrack Systems™ D-Tag™ is a disposable RFID tag that participants peel off the bib and place on their shoe to record their time. By creating the D-tag™, the need for chips is eliminated thus, eliminating chip assignment, cost of shipping, lost chips, secure zone for chip collection and inaccurate results due to multiple chip files. To read more on this click here

GIS Technology

This Technology was extensively used by Boston Marathon after the attack cause it catalysed the security need in event planners for organising marathons. A map of all 26.2 miles of the event shows the real-time movement of runners, live traffic and weather, the number of patients in medical tents, and even things like emergency vehicles and the helicopter landing pads. An estimated 200 people are logged in at any given time, broadcasting the statistics to groups of people from federal authorities in Washington D.C. to local law enforcement. To read more on this click here

Augmented/ Virtual Reality Tour of Race Route at Marathon Expo

Thanks to TCS, this company showcases a giant augmented reality map of the race, which attendees can scan with an iPad, revealing buildings coming out of the ground and the course in more detail. Racers and others attending the expo will be able to sample what it’s like to start and finish the race through a virtual reality experience. The storytelling platform allows participants to virtually experience key points along each runner’s journey such as course elevation changes, mile markers, fluid stations and points of interest along the route. To read more on this click here

Use of Biometric Sensors to Monitor Racers Hearbeat, BMI

This year TCS is testing the use of biometric sensors on 10 competitors in the race. These small devices will sit on the shirts of the runners and will send back data on heart rate, running cadence, breathing rate and more.

The data collected by the sensors will be monitored in real time and used in the race day broadcast. The sensors will be trialed by elite runners, wheelchair participants and a few regular racers, with a view to expanding the program next year.

Use of Facial Recognition System

Organisers of a Beijing half marathon are cracking down on people who try to cheat their way into getting a medal by use of Facial Recognition System. The aim is to stop competitors from getting other people to run the race for them using their running shirt number. Other forms of cheating include people carrying more than one race-tracking chip while running. Facial Recognition System in a way eradicates the possibility of cheating in huge marathons. You can read more on how this system works here

Innovative Race Photography

Race photography is non-negotiable. Standard photography, however, is getting old. Now marathon organizers are employing a more innovative way of capturing snapshots of the event, and offering free (sponsored) race photos to participants. Pic2go offers automated race photo-tagging and same-day social sharing services to the participants. It thus helps in getting maximum social engagement & reach of your event for your sponsors. To know more about the technology click here