The next era of social networking

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We now live in super connected world. We are connected to all our school & college mates, thanks to facebook. We are now connected to all past colleagues, thanks to linkedIn. We are connected to friends, thanks to Whatsapp.

And this connectivity is going to only increase with time. Soon it will also venture in settings where we meet new people i.e. meetups, seminars, conferences, hackathons, fundraisers, parties, concerts etc.

The visiting card method is obsolete. It gives out too little details, doesn’t sparks conversations and people tend to lose them.

Why can’t we have better systems where we this information sharing becomes seamless and effective? Is that difficult in today’s times where most of folk’s data, history & interest graph is already stored in cloud?

I guess solution lies in creation of a socialization platform around events.

Since it is a trade-off between utility & effort, considering that people already have too many social networks to manage, hence a good event social networking platform got to have following qualities:

Instant setup. For any new networking, users are NOT going to spend any much extra effort to put profile pics & their history data. Reason is simple, users have limited time, and they maintain this already on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. The platform should just make good use of their existing data & networks.

Ease of group creation. In Events, users don’t know much of the folks personally. So onus shouldn’t be on them to participate in group creation. It should happen independently of the users involved. Can be done on Organizers’ level or tied to registration process.

Mobile first. Even though existing networks like Facebook & Linkedin’s usage is heavily moving towards mobile, they were first developed for desktop level. It is easier to connect with your old college friends or company friends on a lazy sunday morning sipping coffee 🙂 but Event networking is bit different. Much of it happens at the Event, where users are physically present, involved & rely on mobile

As someone who likes to learn new things and meet interesting people, I look forward to emergence of such social networks, which expand beyond the realm of existing bonds.

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