Things to include when creating online content for a Trek

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Since much of the discovery for adventure events like trek is now happening on web, it is important to capture your potential attendee’s attention by posting relevant content about your treks online. Various online channels like Websites, Facebook, registration pages (like Townscript) can be used for content creation.

It is important to understand what that content should be like, in order to generate maximum interest. We feel following are the important components of Trek’s online content –

1) Itinerary
The comprehensive schedule of the things to be done on trek, travel time etc is very important to excite potential attendees. This helps them gauge whether it’s an easy or a difficult trek, whether it suits their needs and most importantly whether action matches the price.

2) Good quality pictures
This sparks the imagination and makes readers instantly excited about the trek.

3) Level of toughness
Treks are inherently tough in nature. And their toughness vary a lot from one trek to another. Since every trek is not cup of tea for everybody, a special mention about trek’s toughness gives more confidence to potential attendee and helps him/her take a decision.

4) Whether friendly for girls or not
One of the common question I get asked when suggesting a trek to any friend with wife/girlfriend is – “Whether I can bring her along with me to this trek?”. So if a trek content doesn’t effectively solves this query, it will lose many attendees.

5) Items to carry 
Depending upon the level & duration of trek, you should clearly tell what are the desirable items to be carried for the trek i.e. how much water? how many clothes? sleeping bag? what shoes? etc. This information gives clear idea to potential attendees about how much stuff they need to buy in order to attend this trek.

So in my view, these 5 components makes for a great online content for a trek. Why it is important to have all of these components in your trek content? Because it solves potential attendee’s biggest queries. And when someone online typically gives only 5 mins to decide whether he/she is interested in a particular trek, you ought to quickly answer their most important queries 🙂

Do you feel there are more components to add to this list? Please let me know in comments.

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