Thinking of Becoming an Event Manager? Here is What You Need

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It is glamorous, exciting, and adventurous; that’s what you might think of a career in event management and to a large extent this is true. However it is also one of the most stressful, hectic and demanding professions you can choose. The synergy between these two aspects makes event management irresistible. 

What’s in it for you?

If you want to become an events manager then you will be walking into a billion dollar industry. In fact a report on the U.S. News & World Report 2012 rated this profession among top 50 careers in the world. 

You will be working in an industry that according to US Bureau of Statistics (BLS) is set to grow by 16% up to 2018.  Take for instance that over one million events were held in the US alone according to a study by the Market Probe International Corporation to realize the potential. 

Can You Make the Cut in Event Management?

Now comes the hard part because to make it in this profession you must have really thickskin. Other than training there are inherent qualities that you must possess including:


Everything can change in a second to make the most organized event a chaotic jumble. You only need to go back to history and look at big events which turned chaotic because managers were not willing to work creatively and fast. If you cannot think on your feet this is probably not your forte.

Organizational Skills 

A study done by the International Institute of Event Management (IIEM) picked organizational skills among the top ten qualities every event manager needs. The criterion in picking this as a crucial quality rests in the fact that you will be operating like a show director in a show performance.

In essence everything must fall into place at the appropriate time which calls for adequate skills. Everything must flow seamlessly and such choreography will surely determine the success of your event.

Technology Savvy

In today’s highly sophisticated world you need to have deep insight on the latest technology. This will not only make your event a delight to attend or watch but it will also make management easier. From communication tools, display, presentation and other technologies you will need to be skilledinuse of these tools.

People Skills

Every events guru cites this as a basic requirement because you will be dealing with people. You have a team to run and communication will either break or make your event. As such the ability to connect and build relationships cannot be gainsaid. It might seem easy but remember you will be under immense pressure.


It is easy to learn time management and organizational skills in school but passion you must possess innately. An event manager must be enthusiastic about success of every event however minor. This is the only remedy for intense pressure and challenges that come with this job.

If you want to have an event akin to the glamorous Harper’s Bazaar New York fashion Week Party at the Plaza 2014, you must also be keen to detail, creative and energetic. It is true event management can be learnt but as the gurus say most of it is inside you; go on and let it out. 

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