Tips to Plan Your Event without Any Hiccups

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Event management market is booming, with every Event Organizer trying to outshine his/her competitor by raising the bar of their events with each passing day. The scope to work and gain from this multi – crore event industry has no bounds.

Planning an event can be a tedious job for those who do not know the nuances of this trade. A lot has been said and written about planning events, executing events and working towards making those events successful. The question is can you actually put all the theoretical knowledge to use while you are planning your event. Usually the answer is a ‘NO’. Event organizers have to go with the flow and face things that they might not have expected.

To organize an event with ease you must first get the basics right. We have put together a list of easy-to-implement ideas that you can follow and turn organizing your event into a cake walk. So grab a hot cup of coffee and read on…

  • Start Ahead – An event planner must start planning the event well in advance, especially if you are new to organizing events. Planning ahead will give you the much-needed time to chase sponsors, it will allow you to pick and choose the best agencies and also book the best venue for your event. Starting early allows planners room to improve upon their event a lot too. When your ground work is ready you will have ample time to compile an execution chart that can aid easy execution of your event.
  • Work out a Budget – Execution and planning an event depends majorly on it budget. So once you have made up your mind about the event that you plan to organize you must work out a budget. Have in place a chart that lists all your expenses and another that holds details of recovering those costs and making profits.
  • Pitch Your Event – Beginners must practice a pitch for their event that wins the sponsors trust. Think about who would be interested in sponsoring the event that you are planning. Approach appropriate sponsors. Put together a presentation that explains how you wish to execute the event and the scope of publicity during the event for the sponsor.
  • Know Your Audience – Audience should be your prime focus when you are planning your event. You must know your target audience, their preferences and then plan keeping in mind their interests.
  • Team Up – Pick your team members wisely. It’s best to build a team of like-minded individuals with a flair for planning events, so that conflicts can be kept at bay. Leverage your workload. Assign tasks to your team members as per their expertise. The key is how you Work Smart while Working Hard.
  • Event Ticketing – Townscript can help you with that. You can set an events page, instantly start tickets sales and manage your registration with just a few clicks. Partnering with an efficient ticketing partner can simplify the herculean task of selling tickets for the event planner.
  • List It – Make a list of all the important details of your event like venue, seating layout, a floor plan, lighting, flow of events, list of speakers and all other details that you might need to. Make copies of all these and hand them to your team. It always helps to have a cheat sheet handy before any event.
  • Make Some Noise – Good publicity can prove to be a game changer for any event. Talk about your event. Create a buzz on all social media channels, make a Facebook Page, blog, post picture about your event on Instagram and Pinterest. Ask your buddies to help you out by spreading the word.
  • Backup – Remember the Murphy ’s Law ‘’ if something can go wrong it will’’ We suggest you set up a backup for everything. Ensure you have a plan B in place in case something does not work out like you had planned it to. Someone might not show up in time, some things might not arrive like they were supposed to any planning glitch can take your event for toss. You must plan ahead for any such crisis.

Once you are all set to execute your event we suggest you mentally walk through the flow of events to be doubly sure and make the necessary modifications as needed. You would be surprised to notice how many last-minute improvisations you make. Last in line but just as important, rest your mind and body and body a day before the event to execute the event with bang.

If you have organized any small or big events in the past, do share with us your experiences, the tricks you employed to make your event a success. If you are plan to organize events in future do tell us if this helped you and what more would like to read. Feel free to post your comments below.

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