Tips to get more attendees for your event.

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Getting attendees to an event has always been a tough task. Challenge is to market your event among potential attendees. But if you plan early, and follow right steps, your event shouldn’t experience any dearth of them.

I have been talking to many organizers in past few months. And thanks to endless interactions with them, I have gathered following useful tips.

Tip one:
Start early with your marketing & promotional efforts. At-least one month prior to event day.

Tip two:
Setup a registration/ticketing page on sites like +Eventbrite+Townscript, Splashthat etc.

Tip three:
Share registration page on various listing sites like – Meetup, ZEvents and any other i.e. popular in your geographical location, like PuneTech & PuneOpenCoffeeClub are popular in my city. Don’t forget to create a Facebook event as well and to link it up with your registration page.

Tip four:
Select a small and catchy hashtag for your event. Aggressively use this hashtag for posting your event related news & content on twitter, facebook & instagram. Idea is to start creating social media buzz for your event.

Tip five:
Email campaigns. Setup a brief and attractive Email that gives out brief details about your Event and contains link to your registration page. Use free email marketing software like MailChimp to make the email designing & sending task easy. If you already have an email database (of past attendees) with you that would be awesome. Otherwise, a mailing list that includes your friends & colleagues residing in your city would come handy. Also, don’t forget to post the email to various mailing lists & groups that are related to Event’s topic.

I hope following the above tips would really boost the attendee presence at your Events. If I missed anything here, please mention it out in comments section. Cheers!

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