Tips to Organize a Successful New Year Event

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and most people have started making their party plans to bid adieu to 2015 and wake up to a new dawn into 2016. A New Year Event/
party means dance, music, wine and dine, but that is just too predictable and run-of-the-mill! It is not easy to lure party-goers to parties that don’t “sound’’ cool! With most event organizers roping in celebrities and running fancy contests to pull-in crowds, it is about time you add that extra zing to your New-year event by doing something ‘Hat-Ke’

While everyone is busy figuring out how they want to slide into the New-year. Some will spend the nights wandering on the streets with friends, while a few others would enjoy home hosted New-year parties.  Versus that, those who let their purses loose for the extravagant New-year bashes deserve a memorable experience.  We have worked out a few tips, for event organizers, that would turn a lack-luster New-year event into a mega blockbuster!

  • Plan the New Year event on an exciting theme – black-light party is the perfect way to bring in a goofy new year. If you wish to keep it simple and elegant, host a black and white ball, or a sultry masquerade party would be a hit too.
  • Pictures are an integral part of any event. Everyone wants to click pictures and selfies to make memories of the fun time they spent with friends at an event. A photo-booth at the party venue could certainly prove to be a crowd puller. Put up a fun photo booth with wigs and funny placards. P.S you can make some money by printing and selling the pictures at the event itself.
  • Plan some props as per the theme and the dress code to be given away at the party. This would add the much-needed spunk to the party and also get the revelers into the groove.
  • To keep up the excitement quotient, plan an event with loads of surprises, contests and winners, freebies and gift hampers. This keeps the audience engaged and involved.
  • ‘A great party with bad food is a big turn off’. Engage a good caterer to serve some lip-smacking food for the guests. Everyone remembers and talks about the lavish spread and the scrumptious food that was served at an event, you would certainly not want to goof up on that.
  • Music instills life in a party, engage a DJ who would rock your event all night (or at least till the time you have permission to party).
  • To set the mood right, don’t forget to have the cocktails and mocktails flowing at the party. Have some attractive party special drinks that are crafted out exclusively for the party.
  • Pick a plush but conveniently accessible venue with ample amount of parking space and convenient valet service. Looking for a parking spot at such huge events is quite a disappointment. You will get extra brownie points if all the gorgeous ladies don’t have to walk to the venue in their high heels.
  • Marketing your event right will fetch you revenue. Use online as well as offline (conventional) methods of marketing your event.
  • Once you have everything planned, create a buzz among your active social media channels about what is in store at the New-year event. This will fetch you some eyeballs and shoot-up your ticket sales.

These are a few tips that can come in handy when you are planning a New-year bash. Share in the comments box below if you have any suggestions, we would love to add them to this list along with your names.

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