Tips to Write a Sponsorship Proposal for an Event

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A sponsorship is the financial backbone which can benefit your organization’s programs and events by providing the much needed support.

If you are hoping to get your event sponsored then you must know how to write an Event Sponsorship Letter. Your letter should be convincing enough and the sponsor should feel that your event is worth sponsoring. It should clearly outline the major take away for the sponsor from the event which in turn will become the USP of your event. It is very important to write a letter for event sponsorship from corporates or business houses, asking for what your organization needs.

Writing a proper Event Sponsorship Letter can make or mar your chances of getting a sponsorship. It should not be all about seeking sponsorship but should also highlight the sponsor’s need or markets into consideration.

The points listed below will help you when you write an effective event sponsorship letter.

Determine your goals

You should have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve with the event sponsorship letter. What do you want the business to do? Why does the sponsorship matter and where will it be utilized. You must be sorted with your objectives before you write the letter.

Sponsorship letter should be very crisp, precise and specific. It will not be effective enough if it is too long and vague or you don’t know what you are seeking or the motive behind?

List all Potential Sponsors

Consider and list names of those who might have the motivation or reason to support your event. Maybe there is a business owner who has a reason to support your goal, or there is a NGO or non-profit that has supported similar events in the past. A thorough research would certainly help.

Look out from within your connections. Make sure to include people or businesses on the list with whom you have a personal or professional rapport, it works best, most of the times.

Always remember to play up the “local” angle. Don’t overlook small businesses. They might be ready to sponsor too. Local businesses are often interested in staying connected with the community. If you are working with a team, always divide up the businesses on the list and give each person a few businesses to contact, so as to get a personal outreach.

Be Sure Of What You Want

Sponsorship can be of different forms. You need to make sure what exactly you need and what are you asking for. Donations are possible in both cash or in- kind. Donations in-kind mean the business donates materials or products that will be used at the event instead of money. Sometimes these can also be in the form of services and not goods. Maybe you want to take volunteer work instead of a product. Whatever the case maybe, you need to be very specific as in what exactly you want.

Decide on what you have to offer

Event sponsorship letter should allow people to choose from different levels of sponsorship. This will allow businesses to give whatever is comfortable for them as per their capacity.

Also decide how you plan to help the company like an advertising banner, a public announcement about the company or sponsorship. These could be some of the benefits you could offer the companies.

Find the name of the specific person to whom the letter is to be addressed

A generic address like “to whomsoever it may concern” is a complete no-no, don’t ever do this.

Generally the person who takes care of such sponsorships is the CEO of the company or the head of the Human Resource Department. You can find this out by making a phone call to the company or by looking up on their website. A personalized communication makes a lot of difference and a lot better impact.


It is necessary to proofread your event sponsorship proposal. Letters with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes do not look professional nor make a good impression of the event/program and event organizer too.

Check the punctuation, commas and apostrophes carefully. The crux of the matter will change with a slight error in this. Send it with proper postage and in a professional business looking envelope.

Follow Up

Though sending and event sponsorship letter is a good idea, follow it up personally. Just sending off a letter to a company is not the most personal way in developing connections. Schedule an appointment before going for a follow up. Most CEO’s are very busy and would not appreciate an unscheduled visit.

Convey excitement and enthusiasm about your project. Don’t be negative about anything. You must not sound like you are begging or trying to put them on a guilt trip when seeking donation.

Never assume that they will give you a meeting or sponsorship. Thank them for their consideration. If the answer is “maybe”, don’t feel bad about following up. Just give it some time.

Don’t forget to send a thank you note if you get a sponsorship.

Do not copy sample letters available from the Internet. Make necessary changes to it so that it looks personalized, tailor-made for them.

In the opening paragraph, introduce yourself or your company and the cause promptly.

Explain in a crisp fashion about you and your company. Highlight the accomplishments; that will establish why it is safe to give you sponsorship. State very clearly how the acquired funds shall be put to use. In second paragraph or first, you need to make a direct request for the sponsorship and explain the reason/s behind seeking the same.

Keep it Professional

Tone of the event sponsorship letter will depend on the audience. However always try to be formal/professional and not too casual in your approach. The event sponsorship letter should be on a proper letterhead with the logo and the name of the organization.

The letter should start with the date and the sponsor’s name and address. Then put the salutation. Keep it short. People might not want to read lengthy letters.

End it with gratitude:

Thank the sponsors for their consideration at the end of the letter.

End with a professional salutation, e.g. Respectfully/Sincerely, and then space to sign it personally with your name and title.

Make sure to attach/enclose other materials like the printed flyer with your letter and if your organization has received any media coverage, also include the sample news article. This will provide credibility and may make the business feel more comfortable in supporting you.


Sample letter:

February 10, 2016


Lisa Freeman

Special Olympics Sponsor Coordinator

100 Roxley Lane

Camden, TN 49593


Mr. William, Community Liaison

ABC Corporation

154 Corporation Road

Carolina, TN 46752

Dear Mr. William,

I am writing you concerning a sponsorship opportunity with the 2016 Special Olympics. I know that ABC Corporation has as its mission a desire to give back to the local community, and we greatly appreciate the support you have extended in the past. In 2015, the support of your organization, along with others, helped us to host over 170 local children with disabilities who participated in 19 different events. More than 300 volunteers and spectators were in attendance, and the event was covered by the local newspaper, media and television station. We are anxiously looking forward to even greater success at this year’s event, which will be held on March 31th, 2016.

Below are the details concerning this year’s sponsorship:

Rs.10000 – Gold Medal: Banner with your company name and logo, logo on event T-shirt

Rs.7000- Silver Medal: Sign with your company name and logo, logo on event T-shirt

Rs.5000 – Bronze Medal: Logo on event T-shirt

If your organization would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please contact us with the amount of your donation. We appreciate your valuable time and consideration. Thank you.


Lisa Freeman

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