Top 10 Features Your Event Networking App Must Have

Akriti AroraEvent Management, Event Networking, Event Planning

Organising an event has come a long way; from a mere gathering of people it has turned into a full-fledged affair about networking, striking conversations with people sharing common interests, exploring potential business opportunities etc, yet keeping in mind the time and geographical constraints. There is rarely any event(s) that doesn’t offer an application these days. If you are an event manager who is looking for an effective event networking app for your event, then this article is a must read for you. Read below to know the best features that a good event app offers to its attendees in streamlining customer/attendee experience, better communication, and provide a platform for effective collaboration and advance planning.

Below are the Top 10 Must have features in your event’s Networking app :


Content is the king and an app with relevant content is bound to become a favourite among the users. Not everyone reads the emails that you are sending to your attendees. There is already enough that pours in every minute; your emails are most likely are kept unread or rather put in the trash folder. Use your event networking app to provide that information- provide as much as you can but keep it crisp, catchy and updated.

2. Need-based matchmaking

People attend events not to visit a different city but they do it primarily because the event interests them either on a professional or personal level. , an event networking app, has this amazing feature that enables easy matchmaking between the attendees that share similar interests.

3. Interactive chat platform

Using an event app without a chat platform is as good as baking a cake without flour. Attendees of an event are hungry to meet people and want to get in touch with each other before they can meet in person at the event. A good event networking app like DoubleDutch empower the attendees to have real-time chat with each other and explore collaboration opportunities before the real event thus, saving time.

4. Calendar integration

Most of the events stretch to a maximum of 4 days. App developers are coming with open APIs of their apps that allows integration with an external platform. As per statista , Gmail had 1 billion users by Feb 2016, which means they were using google calendar to manage their professional and personal meetings. Since people attending events are on a tight schedule, it is advisable to have an event networking app that lets them mark each other’s calendar in advance once they figure synergies via chat and matchmaking abilities.

5. Value for sponsors

Organizing a large scale is only possible when business/ companies sponsor the organizers. With the rise in sponsorship there is a greater pressure of giving ROI to the sponsors and event partners; after all, it is now a multibillion-dollar industry. Go an extra mile and connect your sponsors with relevant attendees so that they can foster their relationships further. Most of the networking app developers focus mostly on the attendees, however, it is extremely important to cater to sponsor needs as well. Design a feature exclusively for the sponsors that give them quick insights on the event based on a predetermined performance matrix.  Meeting Applicaiton is one great app that allows promoting sponsors via its push notification feature.

6. Analytics and insights

Insights are a deal breaker not just for event sponsors but are equally important for the attendees. If your attendees are flying from halfway across the world and giving a day or two from their busy schedule, they’d be delighted to know the event outcomes in a crisp manner. Crunch those data from all the information you’ve gathered and show them via graphs/ charts/ tables in your event networking app. This not only is a great way to keep attendees engaged but is also a brilliant customer retention technique. Check out Bizzabo

7. Insta social

Whether you are a CEO of a company or an intern, a homemaker or a student, you’ll love social media. The past two centuries have seen the rise and shine of the Internet, which gave us our favourite social media platforms to keep us hooked in their continuous loops. A good networking app will allow your attendees to share pictures and instant updates on its social media section (if it has one; if not, it is about time you get one!). Explore

8. Personal  event scheduling

A corporate event has to be Fuss free and no-nonsense- after all your attendees mean business at the end of it. No one wants to keep juggling between multiple apps to take notes, switching back to the calendar to check the next schedule, come back to the main app to check which hall you need to rush to next etc. A good event app smoothens this for the attendees and allows them to keep their agenda at one place within the app-  event check-in via barcode scanning, meeting schedule, screen previous chats with other attendees for a quick reference before the meeting etc.

9. Gamified app

Accept it or not, but we all love scavenger hunts- we are hunters who eventually became gatherers in the process of evolution. And this hunting instinct isn’t going away any sooner. While selecting an event app for your event, look for a one that stands a little on the edge. Send notification to your attendees and lure them with some small events that are happening at specific booths. Reward them with things like notepads, pens, maybe a muffin and a coffee. Gamified event apps are also a great way to keep your sponsors engaged, and give them a better chance of promoting their business and hence better ROI.

10. Feedback

The opinion of your attendees, sponsors, volunteers, employees and every other stakeholder involved in the event matters. Once the event is over, the event networking app should send a small feedback form/ question to everyone asking for their experience level and scope of improvement. It is always better to prepare for a better future experience.


Event app industry is riding high at the moment. The conventional experience has now turned into a 360 degree one- all thanks to the technology. The app space is buzzing and there are more and more features that are coming in use. Keep in mind the overall goal that you want to achieve from your event while choosing a networking app. For example, if your event is startup oriented with high participation from investors and founders seeking funding, feature number 2 and 4 are your key players, if the event is focused on new year celebration or a music festival then you would want feature number 7 and 9 as major highlights.  With knowing what you want, these apps are here to help you and your event achieve it efficiently.