Top 12 Ruby Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

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If your life revolves around coding and Ruby is your first love, you’ve come to the right place. Attending Ruby conferences will help you in two ways. One, it helps you to connect with like-minded people sharing your passion from all over the world. You can engage in discussions, brainstorm where the industry is headed and form connections that will last life time. Two, you will stay updated with the advancement in technology and changes in the industry.

We highly recommend participating in at least one of these Ruby Conferences taking place all around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an expert in the field or a conference organiser looking to organise your own Ruby conference.

12 Ruby Conferences Not To Be Missed in 2019

1. RubyConf India

 RubyConf India is a global event and a part of RubyConf conferences. It took place last month and was a two day event. It mainly focused on Ruby language, framework and tools. The conference saw Ruby experts from India, Japan and US as speakers. Watch out their website for their conference dates for the next year.

When: January 2019

Where: Goa, India

Website: RubyConf India

2. Ruby On Ice

Set in the colder climate of Germany, Ruby On Ice is this year’s first Ruby conference to be held in Europe. Germany is the hottest hub for conferences and this year the conference is going to take place at lake Tegernsee, set against the snow-clad Alpes. This two-day affair is going to experience eminent speakers from the software industry. Eileen Uchitelle will kick off the conference with a keynote on The past, present, and future of rails at Github. To add some adventure, the organisers have included a 5.4kms Freeletics Run and Sledding at Mount Wallberg. 

When: 22nd February – 24th February 2019

Where: Seeforum Rottach-Egern, Lake Tegernsee, Germany

Website: Ruby On Ice

3. Wroclove.rb

This is going to be held in Poland. The theme of the event this year is We want to confront ideas. It will be one of the biggest Ruby conferences with the largest gathering for Ruby professionals. You must attend the conference if you already know the technology at a professional level. This conference is not for the novice.

When: 22nd March – 24th March 2019

Where: University of Wroclaw, Institute of Computer Science, Wroclaw, Poland

Website: Wroclove.rb

4. Ruby Kaigi 2019

Ruby was born in Japan. Therefore, Ruby Kaigi 2019 is one of the largest Ruby conferences in the world. This year, it will again be a two-day affair with a focus on the development of Ruby and how the international community will benefit from the past, future and the present of Ruby. Fukuoka is on the Kyushu Island of Northen Japan. You must attend the event and spare time to explore the ancient temples in the city. The city is also famous for 17th century Fukuoka castle.

When: 18th April – 20th April 2019

Where: Fukuoka International Congress Centre, Fukuoka, Japan

Website: Ruby Kaigi 2019

5. RailsConf 2019 

RailsConf is the brainchild of Ruby Central, Inc. 2019 is going to the 14th anniversary of RailsConf. It is one of the largest gatherings of Rubyists in America.  The event is known to bring the best of the industry to share their vision and learnings. This year, the stage will be shared by Aaron Patterson from GitHub, David H Hansson from Basecamp and Barri A. Williams from All Turtles.

When: 30th April – 2nd May 2019

Where: Minneapolis Convention Centre, Minneapolis, USA

Website: RailsConf 2019

6. Ruby Unconf Hamburg 2019

This is more for a scholarship than a regular conference. To participate in the event, you must apply and wait for the selection. This is one of the unique Ruby conferences that focuses on diversity of participant backgrounds. Therefore, this conference encourages applications from underrepresented groups from tech.

When: 25th May – 26th May 2019

Where: HAW Hamburg Faculty of Design, Media and Information, Hamburg, Germany

Website: Ruby Unconf Hamburg

7. EuRoKo 2019

This is the annual 2 day Ruby conference in Europe. Keeping aside the awesomeness of the event, it is the venue that has become the talk among Ruby enthusiasts. The conference will be held in a dockyard. Get ready for some interesting keynotes by Laura Linda Laugwitz and the Japanese tech force Yukihiro Matsumoto.

When: 21st June – 22nd June 2019

Where: SS Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Website: EuRoKo 2019

8. Brighton Ruby

Brighton Ruby is the only Ruby conference that is being held in the UK in 2019. If you are in Britain, then you should head to the pebble beach city of Brighton. The city is famous for its colourful docks and beaches. It is a friendly one-day event but the speakers are one of the best from the industry. In case you can’t make it to RailsConf 2019 in Minneapolis, you can listen to Aaron Patterson here as well.

When: 5th July 2019

Where: Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange, Brighton, UK

Website: Brighton Ruby

9. RubyConf Kenya 2019

Ruby Conf is the biggest Ruby Conference franchisee in the world. The theme of this conference in agile, open source, and entrepreneurship. This stands with the current economic values of Africa. The continent is becoming a startup hub, and this year Kenya is proud to host the Ruby Conf. Being a full-fledged two-day event, this will help the African tech community to interact and build upon the new findings and idea. Some of the key speakers are Bernard Banta, Founder of Banta technologies and Joannah Nanjekye.

When: 25th July – 27th July 2019.

Where: iHub, Senteu Plaza Galana, Lenana Road Junction, Nairobi, Kenya

Website: RubyConf Kenya

10. RubyConfTH

Now RubyConfTH is a must-attend event for Ruby and Rails coders in South East Asia. This is for the first time that Thailand is going to host a Ruby conference. More details are yet to brew, but this one is a must watch out. Like Thai beaches and food, this conference will surely amaze all.

When: 6th September – 7th September 2019.

Where: Pullman King Power, Bangkok, Thailand

Website: RubyConfTH

11. RubyC

If you open GitHub or for that matter any design portfolio websites, most of the talent comes from Kyiv, Ukraine. The event hosts hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts from across Europe and the world. The speaker list is yet to come out. Do keep a check on the website for more information

When: 14th September – 15th September 2019.

Where: Hotel RUS, 4 Hospitalna str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Website: RubyC

12. Southeast Ruby

Southeast Ruby conference is one of the most famous Ruby conferences in North America. Successfully organised for the last two years, this conference is returning in August this year. While the speaker list is not out yet, keep an eye on their website for all conference related information.

When: 1-2nd August 2019

Where: Nashville, US

Website: Southeast Ruby


Ruby and Rails have directed the technology industry for the past decade or so. Born in Japan, this new wave took the world for a good ride, and it is still on. Therefore, we highly recommend you to attend at least one of the events from the above-curated list. Learning never stops, and you shouldn’t too.