Top 10 Running Routes in Singapore

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Want to organise a Marathon in Singapore? Or exploring running routes in Singapore to train yourself for an upcoming marathon?

We are aware that Singaporeans have a passion for running that binds them together. The passion is so high that in 2019, as per Run Society of Singapore, there are more than 30 marathons that are yet to happen. This is why you should be organizing and/or running a marathon in Singapore.  

This combined passion for running dates back to 1960s when Singapore government began allocating spaces for running. By 1970s, East Coast Park was opened for runners and 1980s started to witness Singapore International Marathon.

List of Best Running Routes in Singapore

1. F1 Pit Building

F1 Pit Building is home to Formula one racing in Singapore. Apart from F1 events, the grand venue serves as a great partner for organizing events like marathons and other mass community events.

Running Route: The F1 village is designed in a way that it can host up to 21kms half marathon around the F1 Pit Building, which in itself is almost 350 mts long. The rubble track for race cars is equally suitable for runners of any age. Therefore, this running route is home to 2XU Compression run Singapore in April and OSIM Sundown Marathon this year in June. Along with this, F1 Pit Building is the venue partner for the famous Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

When: Preferably sunrise or sunset. One of the most famous running routes for midnight marathons.

2. Gardens by the Bay East

Gardens by the Bay have redefined Singapore and the capability of its planners. The garden offers iconic views that have become the city’s trademarks.  

Running Route: The route runs through the beautiful gardens, over the Marina Barrage, and by the waterfront communities. If you fancy running routes with beautiful views by the river, this should be your marathon’s next venue!  

When: One of the most popular running routes of Singapore, you can find runners on this route at any hour of the day.

3. Singapore Sports Hub

As the name suggests, Singapore Sports Hub or OCBC Square is a massive sports hub of Singapore. Located at  Kallang Leisure Park, the hub offers a one-stop solution for sports events.

Running Route: It’s running track is 900m long and circles the stadium. With brightly coloured track, this place is a favourite among runners. It also hosts Run for Hope for the past 26 years. The vicinity is home to the National Stadium and hence easily accessible by car, bus, MRT, and taxi making it easier for the runners to reach.

When: Well lit route, suitable for a run both during the day and the night. If it is too sunny during the day, the track may not be the best place.

4. East Coast Park

Singapore is famous for its beaches and East Coast Park is a beach park encompassing Marine Parade, Bedok and Tampines. If running by a beach is what you are looking for, this is the running track to explore!

Running Route: The park is spread over 185 hectares and stretch over 15 km. It makes East Coast Park an ideal destination for nature-loving runners. If Triathalon is what interests you, this running route will host Triathalon Metasprint Series Singapore in April.

When: Most of the marathons organised on this route take place during the day. However, it is suitable for both day and night.

5. Bedok Reservoir

This is one of the best shores and best running routes of Singapore.

Running Route: Located on the east coast of Singapore, Bedok Reservoir has a shore length of 4.3kms, which makes it an ideal place to host your next marathon. It gives runners an experience of running by the sea feeling the cool sea breeze.

When: The place is well lit and is ideal to host early morning or late night marathons.

6. MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir is one of the oldest reservoirs of Singapore. The reservoir gives you an option to organize a trail based marathon which tests runners abilities on multiple fitness levels and not just their ability to run.

Running Route: There is more than one square kilometre of forest covered area at the reservoir. This makes it an ideal place for organizing a morning hike or marathon. The route consists of 95% of the trail. Along with running, it gives runners a sneak peek into the rare species of trees of Singapore.

When: Mostly recommended for early morning run, as the venue gets crowded during the day.

7. Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens are the latest park developments by the Singapore government to promote botanical gardens of Singapore. The gardens house a variety of native Japanese and Chinese trees.

Running Route: The 4.5km running route begins from Chinese Garden MRT and finishes at Lakeside MRT. Since the gardens are easily accessible by MRT, they are great for organizing a marathon.

When: The best time for a marathon in the gardens is at night as days are usually flooded with tourists and locals. The trees are covered with flowers in February, March, August and September.

8. Dairy Farm Nature Park

The Dairy Farm Nature Park is set in a very rustic setting. It features the Wallace Educational Centre. If you want to organize a mini-marathon or a running event for kids then this is the place to be. The marathon can be designed in a way that can club educational activities and a tour to the farm. There are no original cows but the place is the most favourite park among children in Singapore.

Running Route:  A 3 Km long track, starts from Upper Bukit Timah road and ends at the Dairy Farm Education Centre. Laid through the jungle, the track is flat and large.

When: During the day for proper visibility.

9. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island resort if the top tourist destination of Singapore. Fun and fitness brew together at the island. Surrounded by nature, water, and land, the island is an ideal venue to organize a triathlon. Though the area is small but is great to organize an event around family and friends.

Running Route: The route covers various terrains including hills, beach, and forest trails. It is also famous among runners for its coastal trails.

When: Throughout the year, however migratory birds can be seen from October to May.

10. Punggol Waterway Park & Coney Island

As the sun sets, Punggol waterway park and Coney Island lights up. The park will make your runner glow at night with their fitness and positive health vibes.

Running Route: The route runs along Coney Island and along the waterside track of Punggol Waterway. This route is ideal to organise 10K, 21K and 42K running events along this route.

When: The venue is famous for night glow run with a mix of a hybrid trail and road marathon.


Singapore is a favourite destination among marathon organisers and runners for three main reasons. First of all, Singaporeans’ collective passion for fitness; second, Singapore’s determination to stay a strong independent nation; and lastly, the constant efforts of the Singaporean government.

Whether you are a marathon organiser or a running enthusiast, try these running routes for yourself. We promise you’ll go back to them!