Top 16 Event Industry Blogs To Follow

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The Internet has opened multiple avenues for fast knowledge sharing, but it has equally added to the clutter and chaos. We’ve created a list of 16 event industry blogs to help you in planning, organising and marketing your events.

Blogs for Industry Trends

1.  Eventmanager blog: This blog is the bible of event management that you can swear by. Event Manager blog caters to all the aspects of the event industry. Being extremely data and research driven, it gives all the information you need to start/ expand your event management skills.

2. Eventbrite: Headquartered in the San Francisco, Eventbrite has a global presence and its blog covers all the important aspects of events, including foreseeing trends, current challenges, and tech advancements.

3. Connect Association: Connect Association Magazine is a renowned name in the event industry. With their Vogue (world’s most-read fashion magazine) like readership, they publish a magazine. They also enjoy equal attention on their blog that shares insights and trends of events held across industries.

4. Bizbash: Bizbash shares information on how to make an event creative. Originally an event planning blog, Bizbash helps you find unique venues, suppliers, and information on using the latest technology and tools to give audiences a class-apart experience.

Blogs for Event Marketing

5. Campaignlive: The creative genius of Campaignlive lies in its ability to merge innovative marketing techniques with business acumen. The opinions page of the blog is specifically intriguing with excellent information on branding, involving culture and business into the events.

6. UFI Blog: UFI is The Global Association of The Exhibition Industry. This official blog covers all the latest marketing techniques that event organizers must inculcate to produce successful events. With keen focus on sustainability, this blog is your go-to place if you are hosting events with sustainable solutions.

7. Event Marketer: This blog caters to B2B and B2C event marketing techniques. With expertise in face to face marketing, you can pick some great event networking tips if you read this blog regularly.

8. Social media and marketing go hand in hand. Jon Loomer is one of the top Facebook marketing experts. His blog focuses on how to create hype on Facebook about the event, using advanced consumer behavior, user patterns, and account optimization. Now his blog doesn’t come free of cost, but we believe it will be worth investing a few dollars to learn from industry’s best brains.

Blogs for Event Technology Updates

9. Techsytalk: Organizing events without technology almost is impossible. Techsytalk gives insights on the cutting-edge new age technology that all event organizers look to streamline organizing operations. One good thing about Techsytalk is you don’t have to read it. Just plug in your headphones and listen to their podcast while on the go.

10. Event Tech Brief: This blog is more of a newsletter format where its expert panel of tech enthusiasts review all the latest technology in event industry. The well-researched opinions will help you to make informed decisions about what technology to use. The blog is run by Michelle Bruno, who herself is a tech journalist and content strategist for various tech companies.

11. Pathable:  Pathable is breaking the barriers in the event industry integration analytics with technology. Their curated list of apps catering to specific genre of events like corporate, association, and tradeshow events is a big hit as it saves time and helps make faster decision.

12. Meeting Pool: The meeting pool helps event professionals to adapt the latest technology by offering curated apps, software, and hardware that can be used in events. Some of these technologies use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make informed decisions, facial recognition software and hardware to make  event registration process smooth.

Blogs by Event Industry Consultants

13. Velvet Chainsaw: As the name suggests, Velvet Chainsaw ensures that they make your event organizing experience as smooth as lush velvet. This blog shares personal experiences by converting them into meaningful insights. This makes it more relatable and help you make your event a memorable one.

14. Gallus Events: This UK based event consulting firm publishes a blog that is as meaningful and brilliant as the scale of events they give consulting services to.  The blog shares information on event marketing, event budgeting, event planning, and event ethical practices. One must check out  behavioral change category on the blog.

15. Conferences That Work: This blog shares everything that you need in terms of the event layout, venue selection, design, floor mapping, and booth placement. The core belief of the blog is to induce more human interaction.

16. Plannerwire: Plannerwire is a great place to find technology strategy that event planners should have while planning an event. The blog gives tutorials, tips, and tricks on event marketing, use of technology, and event planning.  


There is a lot of thought that goes into planning an event and you wouldn’t want to keep loopholes in the planning process. Therefore, it is very important to do smaller things with great detail- it is the only secret that will make your attendees come back to you, get loads of PR, and sponsorships. If you are new in the event industry and reading isn’t helping much, then you must reach out to anyone from ‘Blogs by Event Industry Consultants’ that we shared above, and we are sure your event is going to be hit. In case, you are a seasoned event organizer, reading the above listed blogs will surely help harness more.