Top 7 Tech Events to Attend in Singapore

Akriti AroraTech Events

Every time you hear the word “technology”, does your heart skip a beat? If you fancy learning about new technologies and like to stay updated, what better than attending tech events such as conferences, expos, and conventions while visiting Singapore!

Whether you are a student, a tech enthusiast, a newbie in the industry or a B2B tech company, these tech events offer something for everyone. You don’t only gain access to a network of real heroes from the tech field such as industry leaders, influencers and budding entrepreneurs, but also, catch up with the main trends shaping different industries and geographies.

We have curated a list of 7 useful tech events not to be missed when you visit Singapore:

  1. EmTech Asia

Hosted by MIT Technology Review, EmTech Asia conference draws attention on emerging technologies and innovation. This is an exclusive conference covering 40 speakers, 10 innovators and accepting only 1000 participants. Most of the attendees serve senior level management positions in different industries. What brings these people together is their curiosity to find out about the advancements in the tech field from the smartest brains and their willingness to contribute.

This 2 days conference in Singapore brings together theorists and practitioners. The conference is also attended by investors and is a good opportunity for you to learn from the industry leaders. For all those who believe in making the world a better place using technology, this conference is for you!

When: 22-23rd Jan, 2019

Where: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 3, Heliconia and Cassia Ballrooms

  1. Tech In Asia

One of Asia’s largest conference, Tech in Asia includes discussions about tech startups, and latest trends and advancements in technology. While EmTech focuses more on the senior leadership, Tech in Asia is a good mix of all age groups – from young entrants to experienced professionals. Tech in Asia also serves a job marketplace for those exploring job opportunities in tech roles.

This 2 days conference aims at educating participants about the latest trends, brings together the tech leaders of Asia, builds a community of tech enthusiasts and bridges the talent gap by helping attendees find a job of their interest!

When: TBC

  1. Tech Xlr8

Tech Xlr8 brings together 6 different tech themes including 5G Asia, IoT World Asia, NV & SDN, the AI Summit, Project Kairos Asia and Consensus Singapore. With more than 300 speakers, this tech event attracts 7000+ attendees in Singapore. The best thing about this conference is that you get a deep understanding of the topic that you are interested in. For instance, the AI summit invites speakers from companies making a difference to the world using AI.

Spread over 3 days in Singapore, you get enough time to interact with the industry leaders and contributors.This tech event is therefore a great learning experience and helps you peek into the practical application of the emerging technologies.

When: 10-12th Sep, 2019

Where: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore

  1. Millennial 2020 FUTR

Millennial FUTR brings together tech and business. It encourages its attendees to learn, explore, and find out about the latest technologies being used to solve business problems. In this way the conference also educates attendees on various business models. The idea is to give attendees a deeper understanding of the constantly changing commercial landscape and the role technology plays in shaping it.

This 2 days conference is most suited for changemakers with a futuristic approach, people who constantly want to learn about how future will be shaped with all the technological changes.

When: 24-25th Oct, 2018

Where: Suntec, Singapore

  1. Women in Tech

Women exclusive conference, Women in Tech aims at open discussions, dialogues and debates around technology. This conference not just focuses on tech advancements, but lays a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. These topics are not very openly talked about, but at this conference, you can expect women sharing their stories around these themes. It is particularly recommended to women who want to succeed in the men-dominated field of technology, and also to those who have an interest in learning about women’s contribution in this field.

This one day conference aims to change the perception that “tech industry doesn’t support women to succeed”. For all you tech-driven women, this conference should definitely be on your list!

When: TBC


Also known as Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology, SWITCH brings together attendees from all over the world focusing on technology, enterprises and innovation. It involves exhibitions, conferences, workshops, trainings on topics ranging from emerging technologies to funding and business modelling. One of the highlights of SWITCH is that it discusses the impact of technology on our lifestyle.

Spread over five days, Switch has seen more than 11,000 attendees from 70+ countries in the past. We recommend attending SWITCH if you want to have a thorough understanding of how technology can affect our day to day lives. It is also a good event to build relationships as you get to spend five days with the participants.

When: TBC

  1. DevRel Summit

This summit particularly targets the developer communities. The underlying idea is simple – “to share best practices for industry leaders working with developer communities”.

While other conferences mostly focus on sharing technological advancements with the attendees, this one day summit is unique as it includes interactions, group discussions and activities to portray the best practices in technology in current use. The speakers include representatives from Google, Facebook, Slack, Go Jek etc.

When: 2nd November, 2018

Where: Huone – Clarke Quay, Singapore


Whether you are visiting Singapore for leisure or are just exploring things to do in Singapore, you shouldn’t miss out on these tech events. You will gain insights in the power of technology and also indulge in intellectually stimulating conversations with people who share the same interest as yours. The relationships you build in such tech events will go a long way and benefit you in the longer run – for your personal and professional growth.