Top 8 Security Conferences to Attend in 2019

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Tech conferences are extremely data-driven, audience focused and operations oriented. Data security and prevention of potential hacking of the website, or leakage of clients’ data can possibly incur threats to your brand and business. It becomes extremely crucial to keep yourself and your cybersecurity system updated with the recent developments.

Cyber Security conferences are a great gateway for security administrators, event managers, software engineers, business owners etc. These conferences help stakeholders to connect, share insights about the recent developments in the cloud security space, emerging threats, and industry best practices. There are multiple Cyber Security events taking place all over the world every year. We’ve compiled the list of top 8 security conferences and listed them chronologically.


1. Nullcon Conference

This was the 10th edition of Nullcon conference that happened in exotic Goa. The idea of this conference is very simple- a gathering of like-minded people to find solutions to the problem that are exist in the cybersecurity space. In addition to security, one of the section of the conference is called Desi Jugaad (Hindi for “Local Hack”). The focus is on approaching a problem in an unconventional manner. Participants find solutions that can work as temporary patches unless a final solution can be found. It hosts free workshops, short courses, and also offers a small job fair. This conference is a platform to showcase your talent to the participating companies and grab real-time job offers.

When: 1st March-2nd March 2019

Where: Goa, India

Website: Nullcon Conference X

2. TROOPERS 2019

When it comes to technology, you can never skip Germany. It is the home to innovation and world-class technology-based solutions. Be it automotives, technology consulting, pharmaceuticals or information technology, Germany has solutions to everything. TROOPERS is a 5-days event. Day 1 and 2 focus on high-end training and hands-on experience. Day 3 and 4 are a three-track conference. Day 5 hosts TROOPERSRoundtables where you can meet most of the conference speakers and have inspiring discussions on current 
IT-Sec topics. It is one of the biggest events that take place. Dates are just closer, head on to their website now to find the agenda.

When: 18th March- 22nd March 2019

Where: Heidelberg, Germany

Website: TROOPERS 2019

3. ICS Cyber Security Conference

This is one of the longest-running conferences that happen in the Asia Pacific regions with a focus on cybersecurity.  Being a multi-track event, the agenda for 2019 includes – threat hunting system for ICS/SCADA, reducing industrial cybersecurity risk via a comprehensive governance program, and strategies for OT vendor selection program.

When:  16th April – 18th April 2019

Where: Singapore

Website: ICS Cyber Security Conference

4. Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

The Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit is one of the largest gatherings in the cybersecurity space. This summit discusses industry best practices and promote ethical hacking. The event directs cost-effective measures in cybersecurity and drives enterprise level solutions to the main security ecosystem. The event is divided into 5 different programmes as below:

Program A- Leadership and Strategy; Program B- Trends and Capabilities; Program C- Risk and Resilience; Program D- Architecture and Operations; Program E-Security Markets

When: 17th June – 20th June 2019

Where: National Harbour, Maryland, USA

Website: Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019

5. Black Hat USA

Black Hat USA has been imparting training over a period of 3 days for the past two decades. It is a premier conference for researchers, security experts, vendors, and hackers. The event gives an insight into cloud security strategies and penetration testing.

When: 3rd August – 8th August 2019

Where: Las Vegas, USA

Website: Black Hat USA

6. Cyber Security Chicago

If you are an IT manager or a security professional, Cyber Security is the event that you must attend. It is a 4-day event. The first 2 days are training and last 2 days are the main conference. Cyber Security Chicago focuses on six specific areas: Protection, Detection, Mitigation, Intelligence, Hacking, and Devsecops.

When:  23rd September -26th September 2019

Where: Chicago, USA

Website: Cyber Security Chicago

7. ISACA Cyber Security Nexus

This is going to be held in Geneva. Cyber Security Nexus will discuss modern infospec especially cybersecurity in the field of AI and Robotics. The event is a must event for professionals working in the AI space. And also if you were looking for a chance to visit Switzerland for a long time!

When:  16th October – 18th October 2019

Where: Geneva, Switzerland

Website: CSX

8. ISF’s 30th Annual World Congress

This event is the Information Security Forum’s flagship global event. The agenda of the conference by ISF is to investigate, clarify and resolve issues. This will be done by developing best practice methodologies, processes and solutions that meet the business needs. The event is expecting more than 1000 top executives from IT firms who will get together and brainstorm issues in the digital security space. This is going to be the 30th edition of the event.

When: 26th October- 29th October 2019

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Website: 30th Annual World Congress


The conferences in first quarter might not have relevant dates as they have passed. But you can always bookmark this article and circle back next year for a quick reference. Cyber security has evolved over the years. What started as a necessity for enterprises has now become a necessity for every individual.