Top JavaScript Conferences of 2019 You Must Attend

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Top JavaScript Conference

JavaScript conferences are a sure shot way to get updates about Java technology. Also, these conferences are the best platform to network with people working in the same space. It doesn’t matter if you are a developer or the owner of a software company, Java is the hear of everything. JavaScript conferences take place throughout the world. The aim is to make technology enthusiasts, users, brand ambassadors and business owners familiar with the recent trends in the industry.

We have brought together a list of the best Javascript Conferences in 2019. We encourage you to participate in at least one of them to get a hold of trends, threats to the technology, and how it can merge with other technologies to become better.

Top JavaScript Conferences of 2019

1. JSFoo Pune 2019:

This is the largest gathering of Javascript developers that happen in India. January 2019 saw the second edition of the event with participation from across the globe. Attendees witnessed some interesting talks on how designing an interface for hearing differs from designing an interface for eyes with a special focus on Amazon Alexa. Launched by HasGeek in 2011, the company will be hosting more events around technology this year with a focus on React.

When: January 2019

Where: Pune, India

Website: JSfoo Pune 2019

2. CSSConf China 2019:

Having conquered the global hardware industry, China is emerging as the new hot destination for software development. With the countries ability to customize everything as per local needs, it will be interesting to know what is China is about to do in the software space. This will be the 5th edition of China CSS Conference. The focus will be on gathering experts and sharing common knowledge.

When: 30th March 2019

Where: Shenzen Kexing Science Park, China

Website: CSSConf China

3. JS Kongress:

The motto of JS Kongress 2019 is (r)evolution of architectures. The event will bring in experts from companies like Microsoft, Twilio, Atlassian. The keynotes will dig deep into the role of Javascript as a driving force for cloud architecture. Nestled in Munich, this one is not be missed.

When: 11th March – 12th March 2019

Where: The Alte Kongresshalle (Old Congress Hall), Munich, Germany

Website: JS Kongress

4. YGLF Code Camp Israel:

YGLF is a non-profit event all about the community, made by developers for developers. The event will primarily focus on Frontend technologies with advanced talks on how to make frontend frameworks more robust and integration friendly. And since its Israel, you gotta have some chill too. The venue is by the beach and hence you can expect the calmness of the sea.

When: 3rd April- 4th April 2019

Where: Nahsholim, Israel

Website: YGLF

5. Smashing Conference:

Smashing conference is frontend and UX focused conference. The event is rather a franchise that happens in the Americas and Canada. There will be love designing and coding sessions with hands-on workshops. Apart from San Francisco, the conference will be held in Toronto and New York as well in the month of June and October.

When: 16th April – 17th April 2019

Where: Fort Mason, Cowell Theatre, San Francisco

Website: Smashing Conference

6. React Finland:

React Finland aims at connecting the Finnish react community with the global platform. Europe is known for its design- earlier it was colonial architecture, and now its what we see on our computer screens. The event is a 3-day affair. Attendees will be a part of some interesting conversations around React and GraphQL, Modeling react applications and Statecharts etc.

When: 24th April- 26th April 2019

Where: Helsinki, Finland

Website: React Finland

7. International Javascript Conference:

London is the proud host of International Javascript Conference. Split into two parts, it is a 3-day affair. First two days are focused on the conference and the third day is reserved for workshops. The track will cover Angular, Node.js, React, Vue.js. The speaker lineup includes Marcos Iglesias Valle from Eventbrite (UK’s largest event discovery platform).

When: 13th May- 15th May 2019

Where: Park Plaza, Victoria, London

Website: International Javascript Conference

8. JSConf.Asia 2019:

This is supposed to be the largest java gathering in Asia. With a top-notch speaker line from Google, this event is surely the one to watch out for. It follows a different format where you can show skills and get scholarships to learn more about coding and make a career.

When: 14th June- 16th June 2019

Where: Singapore

Website: JSConf.Asia 2019

9. React India:

This will be the first of its kind java oriented event in India. It is a community-led 3-day initiative that provides a platform to the the developers to share common Insights. The topics will focus on React, React Native & GraphQL. The speaker list includes Sunil Pai from Facebook and Jason Lengstorf from Gatsby.

When: 26th September- 28th September 2019

Where: Goa, India

Website: React India

10. dotJS:

This happens to be the sharpest Javascript conference in the world. This 2-day event will focus on frontend technology on day one and backend technology on day two.  The event brings together the best of the minds in the business.

When: 9th November 2019

Where: Paris, France

Website: dotJS


The basic framework of software is javascript. Developers are now trying to find ways to merge various technologies to bring them to better use. Javascript conferences enable faster learning and making pivots to achieve common goals.