Top Qualities that show you are a born Event Manager

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Latest technology is making things faster and better in the world of Event Management. Things have changed a lot over the past few years. Different kinds of event software’s are being used to make the events bigger, better and easily manageable. If the technology on hand is used in the appropriate fashion an event manager can definitely edge up to his competitors. Due of the potential glamour, travel, fun and frolics that come along with it the idea of being an Event Manager, many people, mostly the tech friendly youth, is attracted to the idea of becoming one. However events can be stressful, tedious, time consuming and burdened with responsibilities.

All this however does not diminish the importance of certain inherent qualities some people are born with. If the below listed qualities personify you, no one can stop you from climbing the success ladder as an event manager.

Communication Skills

It does not matter how smart flexible or organized you are, if you don’t possess the basic customer service skills. You need to be a “no problems only solutions” person. Communicating with your clients on a regular basis is necessary. It is very important for an event manager to assure the clients that everything is perfect.

Also an event manager has to work with a team in order to make the event successful. Good communication skills will help your relationship with people and it is what matters the most in this industry.

You must be polite with everyone irrespective of their role. If you are a good communicator it will also help to bring more business through client recommendations, word of mouth publicity is one of the most trusted form publicity.


One thing that is sure about an event is that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Some factors keep constantly changing. You will always have a problem on hand to solve. Hence an event manager needs to be flexible and should be ready to face any sort of situation. He has to take changes in his stride and be able to think promptly. He has to be able to adapt to new situations as and when they arrive.

Time Management Skills

Time is the most important thing about an event. Whatever the event maybe, it all has to come together by a fixed date and at a fixed time. It is the job of the event manager to see that it happens that way. An event manager should not only know how to multi-task but also be able to plan their day in a way where he gets time to focus on the event. He will need the ability to coordinate the scheduling of the entire team helping him with the event. It’s all about planning and more planning and re-planning.

High Spirited and Enthusiastic

Time management can be taught, passion can’t be learnt. This is an inherent quality and people are often born with.  A successful event manager has to be passionate and enthusiastic about his work. This will help him unleash his creativity and use it at work. One can excel in his chosen line of work if he is passionate about the work he does.

Being passionate allows you to be productive, enhances your creativity and generates excitement. An event manager must have passion for his job to overcome the hurdles and triumph.

Creative and Original 

To organize a ‘one of its kind’ event, one needs a lot of creativity. To succeed as an event manager you have to do things in a unique manner. If you are always bubbling with new ideas and innovative concepts you could be destined to be a good event manager. You should not have a problem with challenges and difficulty, as you will be able to resolve them with your out-of-the-box thought process.

Meticulous Organization

One of the most important quality an event planner can possess is organizational skill. One needs to coordinate a number of responsibilities and manage so many things and people simultaneously. Everything has to be organized, so that all the things work smoothly. Organizational skills can be learnt, however mastering them is difficult unless you’re born with it.

Hand On With Technology

Being tech savvy is not an option anymore, its necessary. Event management has changed tremendously with the availability of technology. Technology will help you in expedite things and will increase efficiency. Today a wide range of event management softwares are available that help you in event ticketing, venue management and various others aspects which in simplifying the task of organizing an event efficiently.

Great Finesse 

Do you have the habit to look at the minutest details? In this business even the smallest things matter. Your keen sense of observation and meticulous behavior will help prevent small obstacles turning to bigger issues. This will also enable you to take care of everything and make sure all is well organized and in place for the event.

You are just perfect for this job if you possess these qualities. Having these qualities mean that you are born to be an event manager. So, jump into event management with great zeal and enthusiasm and very soon you’ll make a place for yourself in the industry.

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