How Townscript is better than Google Forms for free event registrations

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free registrations using google forms

Google Forms are a great way to collect any kind of data related to free event registrations but you need more than that to manage the registrations for your event.

You need a management platform which helps you out in managing your registrations in a super efficient and user friendly manner.

Well, here are some of the benefits of using Townscript for registrations for your free event.

Visual appeal and informative pages:

 – Our registration pages have beautiful and attractive structure than the monotonous and dull Google forms. It provides an awesome and smooth experience to the person who is registering.

– You can provide as much information about the event as desired (including pictures, videos) on the booking page. It helps any potential attendee to have a better understanding of the event.

Communication to the attendee:

– As soon as someone registers for your event, he/she immediately receives an email confirming the successful registration. 

– Also, the confirmation email contains all the important information (date, time, venue) related to the event and further you can put in extra information as well.

– The ‘Send Announcement’ feature allows you to send important communication related to your event to all the registered attendees at any point of time.

Features to make it easier for you to manage registrations:

– You can create multiple tickets like day 1 pass, day 2 pass, visitor pass, etc and have different set of questions for the different tickets.

– You can transfer or cancel a ticket at any point of time. The attendee gets notified instantly.

– Many a times, you want to allow only specific selected people to register for your event. A robust platform like Townscript has a feature in which you can upload email id’s of selected applicants, then only those applicants will be able to register for your event.

– You can easily link an event with your website as well as the Facebook page of the event. That way, the entire registration process is completed at the website/ Facebook page itself.

– You can redirect customers to your website after their successfully registration. It helps in up-selling as well as in analytics of the event.

Getting more audience to your event:

– A Google form will never help you out in your event’s promotions. We, at Townscript, do whatever is in our capacity to promote your event through our social media channels.

Analyze the dynamics of the event:

– A comprehensive Reports section in the dashboard provides you with gainful insights like page views, ticket sales breakup, etc which helps you to analyze and plan your event accordingly.


Most importantly, all these features come at ZERO cost. Yes, we charge absolutely zilch for free events.

We take all your headache of managing your free event registrations and make sure you just relax and focus on the event. If you want to manage all of the above on your own, you need a big infrastructure and team for that and we, at Townscript, are ready to make your event a super success.

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