Townscript Product Update | March 2019

Akriti AroraEvent Management, Product Update

With 2019 kicking in, things are moving faster than ever at Townscript. We decided to take things up a notch and wanted to share the new exciting features we just launched:

1) Multiple Admin/User Functionality With Restricted Control

Add multiple users in your dashboard to your organizing team. You can define the level of control you want the users to have. It is now possible to add more users in your organising team and give them restricted control.

Use cases: This feature is best suited for events involving volunteers and when you have to give limited access to your team.

Example 1: Volunteers will be able to just check-in in the during the event day and not be able to download any data.

Example 2: In case you want to give limited access to your team, you can use this feature. This way, your team members can just make changes to the tickets but can’t download the data.

Checkout this feature here:

2) Leads Capture section detailing attendees who tried to register for your event

Ever wished that there was a way to reach people who started filling out your registration form but didn’t submit it? We are at your rescue!

Now anyone who fills the form but doesn’t complete the registration OR clicks on “send enquiry” on Townscript booking page will be saved in the leads section. These are your potential attendees and using this feature your team can reach out to them later.

Checkout this feature here:

3) Townscript Timing services (Only for Marathons)

We have successfully launched our own Timing Solution. We have introduced world class equipments that are used in events like and runs like Boston, Chicago & Berlin Marathon.

Within 2 months of launching our timing solution, we have already collaborated with 20+ running events for timing. Next, we will be imparting our timing solution to Navi Mumbai Half Marathon (8,000 Runners).

Checkout an example of Townscript’s timed result page:

We would love your feedback and keep improving. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Always happy to serve you!