Townscript’s the Simplest Three-Step Event Creation Flow

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What makes Townscript’s new event creation flow  the best way to create and manage your event registrations?

We wanted to make Townscript the easiest way to create an event ticketing page. Finally after a long brainstorming with our customers and handwork of team, we have come up with the simplest flow to create your event ticketing and registration page. We have given our best to create the simplest flow to create your event page.

The 3-Step Event Creation flow:

We have come up with a 3 step even creation flow. Literally you can create your event page within a minute. 

Step 1 asks you for what type of page you want to create :

Free event | Ticketed Event(includes fundraisers) | Conference(speaker details, schedule etc) 


Step 2 asks you the basic event information:

Event name, Venue, Event type and

Organiser profile.
There can be more than one organiser profiles by which you can create your event
1) your personal profile 2) an organisation under which you are organising the event. 


Step 3 asks you for the registration details:

Ticket price: Add free ticket, paid ticket(any price, any currency) and Donation (if you raising funds)

Custom Form: Collect more data about your attendees. Ask additional questions during the  registration process to learn more about your attendees.


With this event creation flow, literally you can setup your event ticketing page within a minute.

After you complete the 3-Step event creation flow, you enter into your profile. The profile has been structured beautifully into 4 parts:

1) Dashboard 2) Events 3) Profile 4) payout 

We will discuss about that in the next blog.

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