Townscript’s Top Blogs of 2018

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Haven’t got over 2018 yet? Neither have we. And the reason is you and your support!

2018 has been a year of growth for Townscript, and we wouldn’t have come so far if it weren’t for your faith in us. Every year we post blogs to help you with event planning and management; highlight the top industry trends, top apps and top events in your city.

Missed reading all the blogs we published in 2018? Here’s a list of our top 10 blogs that’ll help you make the most of 2019, and help you plan your events better than ever!

  1.  Now Sell Event Tickets Internationally in 27+ Countries with Townscript

With an aim to provide our self-serve platform for organizers throughout the world, Townscript upgraded by integrating it with various payment gateways which support international transactions including India, Singapore, USA, Indonesia, and Dubai.

Townscript has successfully on-boarded over 19000+ organizers since its beginning in 2014.

2.  How to Choose an Event Ticketing Software to Sell Your Event Tickets Online 

In order to choose the most appropriate event ticketing software to sell event tickets online, you need to understand the available platforms in the market and prioritise the factors that matter the most to your event needs. Although these factors may vary based on the nature of your event but it is a good idea to think about it from a long term perspective.

Read this blog to understand the important factors to consider while choosing an event ticketing software to sell your event tickets online.

3.  Ten Event Planning Tools to Help You to Organise Your Events Efficiently

If you are in the event organising industry, you’d know that a multiple factors come into play in making an event successful. The process involving reaching out to sponsors, marketing the event, managing event registrations and ticketing, selecting the venue and executing the event, is quite cumbersome. For carrying out your event smoothly and successfully, you need to plan your event well in advance and have all your processes in place using the various available event planning tools.

We’ve put together a list of 10 event planning tools to help you during three different stages of event planning – before your event, during your event and after your event.

4.  Top Half Marathons based on Finishers in India

From the time organisers open registrations for their running event, till the completion of the event, there are three types of participants’ categories – the ones who register, the ones who participate, and the ones who finish.

In this brief report, we focused on and analyse the number of finishers in half marathons in India.

5.  How Chris Robb is Impacting Millions of Lives with Mass Participation Asia

Townscript got a chance to interview Chris Robb, CEO & Founder of Mass Participation Asia, Asia’s leading annual mass participation sports conference. Chris has been closely working with the mass participation industry for the last 35 years and has witnessed the transition of the industry from using manual methods to using technology to organise mass participation events.

This interview walks you through Chris’ journey in the mass participation industry and his take on the future of the industry.

6.  How to Build a Career in Event Management

Event management industry, growing at 12% CAGR globally for the last two years is expected to continue causing disruption in the coming times.

This blog will help you to step back and reflect on right factors to get started with your career in Event Management.

7.  How to Sell Event Tickets Online in Indonesia

Indonesia has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a GDP growth rate of 5% annually. As the economy is growing at a high rate, the growing income of middle class has led to the growth of event industry in Indonesia.

Learn how to sell your event tickets online in Indonesia here.

8.  Top 7 Tech Events to Attend in Singapore

Whether you are a student, a tech enthusiast, a newbie in the industry or a B2B tech company, these tech events offer something for everyone. You don’t only gain access to a network of real heroes from the tech field such as industry leaders, influencers and budding entrepreneurs, but also, catch up with the main trends shaping different industries and geographies.

In this blog we have curated a list of 7 useful tech events not to be missed when you visit Singapore.

9.  Top 8 Marathons to Attend in Singapore

Whether you enjoy running for a cause or for leisure, whether you are a beginner or have been running for years now; Singapore offers marathons for everyone with a passion to run! Some of the major Singapore marathon trends indicate that participation in marathons in Singapore has more than doubled in the last couple of years.

If you are not based in the city but planning to visit Singapore, we recommend you to club your trip with one of the marathons listed in this blog.

10.  Marathon to Mara-Tech: Technologies used Worldwide for Organising Marathons

This blog highlights the role technology is playing in disrupting marathon organisation. For all you tech enthusiasts, this is the right place to understand how you can use tech to your advantage while organising events, especially marathons.

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