Ultimate guide for TEDx Event Co-ordinators

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Tedx Townscript

TownscriptPlanning, organizing and designing a TEDx event is a herculean task. We have put together a comprehensive guide to make the TEDx organizers job, right from planning to ticket sales till the D-day a cake walk.

Time it Right

You cannot put together a quality TEDx event in a hush. Plan ahead, we suggest you have a minimum of 90 to 100 days to plan your event and work out all the details. Mention a date that is at least 100 away, when applying for a license. It is always wise to check if any other TEDx events are happening around the same time as yours.

Start Smart

Organizing a memorable TEDx event usually needs smart people working towards making it possible. Recruit a smart team to help you from day 1 till execution of the event. Make sure you have competent staff and plenty of volunteers to help you all through.

What Venue Would It be

A classy and upscale venue can add a lot of value and charm to your TEDx Event. A good venue has the ability to attract a good audience too. Choose your venue wisely and give your Tedx event a winning edge.

Work On the Theme

A theme would help set the tone of your event. An interesting theme can speak volumes about your event and help attract an appropriate audience too.

TEDx Speakers

After working out the theme of your TEDx event, the next step is the speakers. A TEDx events needs speakers that have the power to engage, interest and hold the audience. The speakers should be beaming with energy and interesting ideas that can be shared with the audience. All the speakers need to follow the 18 minutes timeline. Try your best to have a minimum of four to five confirmed speakers. It is always good to have a couple of extra speakers to bank on, in case anyone backs out the last moment.  At the event assign a team member to keep track of time and alert the next speaker three minutes before he is supposed to go live.

You must send a formal invite to your speakers and prepare them for the event through a test-run.


You need to strike a balance between the number of speakers and the videos that are to be played at your TEDx event. You can try balancing the event by 70:30 ratio (speakers: videos), it usually works. You can always tailor it as per the availability of speakers and audience preference.

Flow Of Events

Once you have your TEDx event planned out, you must lay it on paper. Prepare a flow of events with details of all the task assigned and the team members. Hand this flow of events to each and every team member and volunteer for a smooth run.


Promoting your event is the next big step. Promotion should be smart and effective not over-the-top. Draw attention towards your speakers and the ideas that are to be discussed at your TEDx event. This can shoot your attendance numbers.


Make sure you perform a test run along the flow of events before the event to avoid any last-minute hitches. You certainly don’t want your event falling apart because of any silly mistakes. So check and re-check before you are all set.

Community Can Help

Experience helps organize better events. If it is your first time organizing a TEdx event, you could look for someone in the community who hold some experience in the same and ask for some help, you could incorporate him/her in your team to make things easier.


If you have planned your event with and lined up a few interesting speakers for your event, the sponsorship part should not be any problem.  Make a budget and keep a track of all the expenses incurred.

Social Media Reach

Use social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to make your event popular and get more traction. Social networks have a huge audience, that you can capitalize on and make your TEDx event a hit. You can also have a website with all the information as a gateway to social networks.


Purchasing a ticket to your TEDx event should be a simple and effortless task. You can try townscript.com for efficient ticketing solutions to simplify your job further more.

Videos and Photos

Record the talks and discussions at your TEDx event and take plenty of pictures. Assign a generous amount of your budget towards videos and photos.

Post Event Duties

After a hectic event all you want to do is take some time off and rest, but your event is not over until you have finished all your post event duties. Ensure you take care of all the post event duties with the same amount of enthusiasm as the event. This will pave a strong ground for a renewal that you will need for the next TEDx event you want to organize.

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