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Launching Discount Features:

Since we launched our new 3-step event registration page creation flow, your feedbacks have been great.  Townscript is now definitely an easy to use online event registration and ticketing platform. 

We are continuously working hard to improve your user experience. 

Continuing to the process of improving our product, we are taking Townscript platform to a next level by launching three types of discounts.

I am going to explain you all the types of discounts with an example. We will take an example of a ticket of INR 15,000 as shown in the screenshot below. 




In the flat discount, you can give “x” amount of discount for “a” period of time and the price of the ticket will get reduced by x amount for a duration of time.

As in the above example of flat discount:

Discount amount is INR 1000 and is for a period of almost three months.  Discount is only for 10 tickets. 

So, the new ticket amount will be INR 14000 for this duration of time as shown in the image below.





In Code Discount, you can give the same discount for same duration of time to only specific people by giving them discount codes. 

As in the above example, the discount code is “FIFAWORLDCUP14”, anyone who has this discount code will be able to redeem INR 1000 discount.

So, the new ticket will be created as show in the below screenshot.


After the attendee fills the discount code “FIFAWORLDCUP14” , the price will get reduced to INR 14000 as shown in the image below. 




In Group Discount, you can give the same discount for the same duration of time to only specific people who book in groups. As in the above example, if someone buys between 5 to 7 tickets they will get a discount of INR 1000 / ticket

In the screenshot below, the attendee selected quantity 5 and got INR 5X1000 total discount. 


We are launching these 3 types of discount features after taking feedback from our event organisers. This will be very beneficial for the organisers to do their event management and planning.

Try out these features by creating an event on townscript: Create Event

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