Valentine’s Day Event Ideas

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Event planning is no rocket science, but it does require efficient organization, constant attention to detail and innovation.

14th February – Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for event planners to expand their business and earn well. Choose the ideas that are unique and exciting. Choose the venue carefully. You can plan a beach side party, or a party in the park.

Listed below are ten innovative ideas to help you plan and execute a successful Valentine’s Day Event.

Personalize your Event

Give your celebration the personal touch with products. Start with a funky invitation card for the Valentine’s Day and then select matching party banners, sign in boards, party favors, centerpieces, decorations. Add life-size cutout, photo opportunity, or even a personalized camera, in the times where taking and uploading pictures is a craze amongst most of us and the party truly becomes one of a kind.

Couple Games

Choose some fun games to play with the couples. Prepare for the games before hand, if a questionnaire is required see that you have it all ready. Select around 5 to 7 games and give options to the couples to choose which games they want to play. Keep prizes for the winners. You can even keep some fun punishment if required minimum score is not achieved.

Plan an Event for Kids too

Parents from nuclear families would love to celebrate Valentine’s Day too. A place where they could leave their children in the hands of trained and caring staff, so that the couple can enjoy some relaxed, fun and quality time together. This could become your events USP. You would need to have certificate to handle children, so may be teaming up with a local kindergarten would be a good solution in organizing an event for children where they can be taken care while the parents can enjoy the event. What you need to carefully consider here is the timings of the event for the children as well as the event for the parents. Do a thorough research and workout the timings accordingly.
Special Cooking Class

Cooking together can be a lot of fun for couples. If you know of cooking school than team up with them for an evening of chocolate soufflé and bubbly. Ask the men to cook and the women to help if needed, they will enjoy doing this task together.

Couple Dancing Lessons

One more opportunity for you to team up! Dancing is not only romantic and classy, but it leaves you with no choice but to get up close and personal with your date. Whether you end up impressing your partner with your moves or poking fun at your own two left feet, dance classes are a great way to express yourselves and make an instant connection. You could, of course, organize the class on your own or with your team, yet I do believe that approaching a dance school with reputation, a venue and experienced teachers can be more beneficial. After a fun hour of salsa, jive or rumba, you can host a thematic cocktail party for the guests.

Masquerade Ball

It does sounds great, but it would also require careful planning. Things like finding an appropriate location that corresponds to the theme. Choose some fun music. You also need to arrange for the masks. Also check the venue should have enough space so that everyone can enjoy freely. If you do decide to host a masquerade ball – please send pictures!

Private Dinner Experience

You will have to take care of the children’s menu very carefully. Once you have taken care of the children, it’s time to consider the parents and any other couples that would like an exciting dinner experience with their Valentine. You need to decide whether you want to make that a lunch date, or maybe you would like to target couples celebrating during the weekend rather than 14th itself. In any case, let your imagination free and prepare a whole evening experience package. It could include various things like pickups in luxury cars, dinner in the park under the moonlight rather than a regular candle light dinner with scrumptious aphrodisiacs on the menu, and whatever else you think romantic. Even better – if clients themselves can tell you their preferences.’

Dinner show

Remember the film cabarets back in the 70’s. We are talking about something on those lines. A dinner show is a program that can be conducted while the dinner is on. That would be taking private dinner experiences to the next level. Things like a dance show or a live music show in a certain atmosphere could turn out pretty popular.

Wine tasting

It’s perfect season! Wine tasting accompanied by tasty bites in a romantic atmosphere with some aphrodisiacs to go along, even better if there is some grape stomping…What else could a woman want!

Romantic Movie Screening

This can turn out to be a total hit, especially if it’s organized outdoors, so that the event can be taken outside. Make the sitting arrangements very comfortable and cozy with puffy pillows, reclining chairs, rustic decoration, cute wooden tables, a bottle of wine or soft drinks or mock tails and light snacks. And of course a classic romantic film.

Love is in the air! Plan and deliver a great Valentine’s Day Event using great variety of Valentine’s party themes.

Plan ahead and plan carefully and don’t forget to post details on Townscript.

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