What is Event Marketing – 7 Ultimate Tips for You

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What is Event Marketing? “7 Ultimate Tips for you”

The Event Marketing is the most important aspect for you as an event planner. After working with number of event managers like you, we decided to come up with the list of tips that you must use together to create an impact an impact in publicizing your event. This will be really helpful for you.

Tip #1 Market on Facebook & Twitter and other Social Media channels

Create a Facebook event for sure and try to invite as much relevant people on the event as you can. You can even put the Event Tickets Link if you create an event through your Facebook Page (not your personal profile).

Posting in relevant Facebook Groups really helps. If you have your own relevant Facebook group it’s ultimate as when an admin posts in the group, every member gets notification which is not in the case if you are posting in others’ group as a member

Introducing a hashtag for your event really gives you a lot of coverage on twitter which has an audience of very techsavvy and active people. For example, one of our customers’ event #SMWMumbai was trending on Twitter and because of that it caught attention of national media 

Tip #2 Have an active Blog through out the Year

You might be having an annual event/conference/monthly meetups or may be you organise parties. It doesn’t matter! 

You must have an active blog through out the year which is very informative for your audience. Through that blog you should show to your audience that you care for them and want them to grow.

For example, one of our smart customers GopherCon India 2015 India’s first Go-programming conference interviewed all the influencers of Go-programming throughout the world and published those interviews on their blog. This really helped go-programming enthusiasts understand about this programming language. 

This creates your cult in your segment and not only that, it builds up your trust among your target audience. Lastly, it helps you coming on the top of Google Search.

Tip #3 Marketing on relevant Event ListingWebsites

Search with the keyword on Google, what your customer would like to search when he wants to go for an event which is relevant to your event and see which websites come on the top of google search when you search that keyword.

You have to make sure that your Event is listed (preferrably featured) with your event registration link on those top 20 websites which came on the top of Google Search. Why? Millions of people search on google and you have to show up!!

Tip #4 PR on relevant and Active blogs & Print Media

You must know who all are the top blogs/ bloggers in your industry. You must reach out to them and request them to write about your event on their website. Honestly, it’s one of the best ways to get people register for your event and also one of the best ways to creating buzz in your segment.

If you are organising a conference in travel segment, what will you do? You will ask those top travel bloggers and magazines to write about your event.

Tip #5 Partnership with relevant organisations

This is also one of the top ways to get relevant and quality people registered for your event. For example if you are organising a startup event, the best way is to partner with active startup communities (like TiE, Nasscom, etc) and offer their members a discounted prices. Also provide them a logo on your event banners as your event partners.

This is definitely going to work for you!

Tip # 6 Online and Offline Paid Marketing

You might have observed that all of the above ways of Event Marketing are totally and free and don’t require any use of money. So, you must levarage them and create your cult.

The one of the good ways is to do paid advertising on Social Media, Websites and offline channels by fueling money. You need to play smartly in that and optimize your ads according to the right keywords and target market.

Tip #7 Email Marketing 

This has been a traditional way of marketing but honestly speaking email blasting to a purchased database doesn’t work, it will hamper your branding and the conversion rates will be almost 0. You shouldn’t use a purchased email database. It’s looks pretty easy that you will database of lacs and you can blast an email and reach everyone. 

First the people you have sent mail don’t know you, and second nobody likes to receive emails from any random person. The best way is to build you own audience (database) through your blog subscriptions and past attendees. It’s hard but the fruits are delighting!


I would suggest you to actively try all of the above Free to do marketing activities and create your trust among your target audience which will lead to more customers.

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