Why Hashtags are so important for any event?

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First of all, for all the non-twitter users a hashtag is the sign which people use while tweeting. You might have noticed it has caught onto Facebook as well.  The two horizontal and two slanted lines is used to refer to the relevant topics which the tweet is about.

Twitter is in fact quite a big platform for any event organizer to market his/her event. Proper utilization of hashtags can really generate more attendees for your event. For example if a person wants to go on a trek then even if he/she doesn’t know any trek organizers he/she can search for it on twitter through hashtags. Now if you are a trek organizer what you can do is try to capture these potential customers by using a unique hashtag which you think is most likely to be used as a search term by your potential customers. By doing so anyone can look at your tweets and trek lovers can come to know about you and start registering for your treks.
Once you generate some customers through twitter it can automatically lead to one of the most proven methods of marketing i.e mouth-to-mouth marketing. One of your attendees can refer you to his/her friend and this chain is in fact endless.
One more use of proper hashtag is that it provides people with same liking to start a conversation. If you being an event organizer can make good use of hashtag you can indirectly provide a platform for people who can be your potential attendees to start up a conversation. The main aim of any event organizer is to spread the word around about your event which such conversations have the potential of accomplishing.
Finally the ultimate reward for proper use of hashtag is you can get it to trend. Trending hashtags are nothing but the hashtags which people all around your place, country or even the world are using. Once you manage to trend your hashtag you can just sit back and be amazed at the amount of interest your event will generate.
So if any of you event organizers are still not on Twitter you better be quickly. You are missing out on a huge marketplace for your event. So go on Twitter today and make the best use of Hashtags.

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