Why you shouldn’t use a purchased email database?

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Email marketing is still one of the strongest tool for marketing events. Many event organizers we met are keen to have a database to market their event. Many of them have bought the database of people in lakhs and are keen to spend thousands of money in sending emails to those.

The results are alwayz zero. Lot of un-subscriptions, email abuse and email failures. 

Still some of the organizers say, few might get converted or at least lacs of people will come to know about event. This philosophy is completely wrong and can hamper you and your branding.

Why you shouldn’t use a purchased email database?

Email ids are not of your target audience: Most of the times the database is vague and is not related to your target audience. For example, if you are a java workshop organizer who organizes events in Delhi and you are sending emails to a person who lives in Mumbai and doesn’t even know what is Java. Will it help? NO!

People on a purchased email id list don’t know you: Let’s say you purchased a targeted audience database. Going with my previous example, you purchased a database of people who are interested in Java and live in Delhi. Still it’s not going to help, as they don’t know you and your company. If you are going to bluntly send them emails on their email ids they will mark you as SPAM or report Abuse.
Imagine yourself receiving continuous mails from someone who you don’t even know, how much annoying will it be for you?

Excessive SPAM reports, email failures damage your email deliverability: If you send emails to the purchased database. Lot of spam reports, email abuse and failures will damage your email deliverability. Yahoo mail, gmail have a special spam detector which checks out hard bounces(failures), abuses and on the basis of that it automatically starts sending your emails in to spams. 

Short cut to success will lead to failure!

Now, we have understood that purchasing an email database doesn’t help, then how to build it?. I am going to share few ideas which you can implement to build up your own targeted event audience’s database.

How to build email marketing database?

Organize Free events for your targeted audience: This is one of the best tactics to build up your database. When you organize an event, use a free event registration tool like Townscript for RSVP. Ask attendees their email ids and phone numbers. This will get you lot of targeted customers who know you, who have attended your event and for whom you had organized a free event. 

Organize Free Monthly Webinars: This is also one of the best ways to increase your reach. You should organize monthy/bi-weekly webinars for your targeted audience. You can use similar free event registration tools for RSVP. We are going to write an article soon on how to organize a  webinar.

Email Subscription button on your website and blog: First of all, if you are an event organizer and don’t have an active website in 2014, then you are living way behind in stone age. You must have a website, it’s so easy to build up your website using free tools like wordpress, blogger, tumblr. Once you do that, make sure you add a widget of Email subscription on your homepage. Anyone who subscribes to your website is the one who’s interested in you and would love to read your emails.

More Tactics: There are lot of innovative marketing tactics that you can do to get more subscriptions – creating online contests, free ebooks, facebook, linkedin offers and more.

It’s a long process and requires a lot of patience and hard work. The long term fruits are superb and will lead you to great success.

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